This Pleases Lord Pete

  1. sobs profusely
    this was literally my first blog ever I’m not even fucking kidding you

    I’m a guy named Jimmy now and idk if you remember me (Suki?? tacostump? famehookerprostitutewentz???) then it’s

    this blog is so embarassing holy shit

  2. Check it

  3. holy shit people are still reblogging my shit on this blog?

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  5. I switched blogs. If you didn’t notice.

    My new blog is alphadogandomegalovaniac.

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  7. Last time I'll say it. Go follow my new blog!

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  9. But no i’m not gonna delete theofficialtrolljegus.

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  11. Srsly, if you love me, you'll follow me on my new blog.

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  13. No, seriously, follow my new blog. I KNOW YOU FUCKERS WANT TO.

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  15. Hey dudes, this is my new blog!

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  17. jegus fuck if you’re someone i talk to regularly i probably didn’t mean You

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  19. i’m not going to remake. just switching to a new blog.

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